Sakura Pigma Micron Blue Black Review

How did a blue black ink pen like the Sakura Pigma Micron 05 slip under my radar? I am a huge Micron fan and use the 03 black model all the time. They are also one of my favorites to use in Field Notes memo books. They write well, handle all types of paper, and are disposable so I don't worry about losing or breaking them. So how did I overlook this beauty? I was blinded by the cult of fine tips.

Comfort zones are an interesting barrier. For years and years I was fixated on ultra fine tips, the likes of which are found in the Pilot Hi-Tec-C, Uni-ball Jetstream, and more. The finer the better in my book, with almost no limit on how fine. That carried over to my fountain pen fascination, as stock EF nibs weren't fine enough for me and I sent them off to be ground even finer.

As I found out quickly with fountain pens I was missing out on the benefits that wider nibs have, like stubs and italics. There was a level of expressiveness to be found, plus it opened up new brands and styles to me that I wouldn't have considered when I was in "XXXF OR DIE!!!" mode.

And that is how I missed this great blue black Micron. A Twitter follower asked why I had never mentioned it before, knowing how much I like both Microns and blue black inks. The fact is, I was stuck using "my size" of Micron and never bothered to check that other colors were available in other tip sizes. I logged into JetPens, clicked over to the 05 Sakura Pigma Micron page, and lo and behold there it was.

It's pretty good too. The blue black color reminds me a lot of Sailor's blue black fountain pen ink, which I have come to love after some initial hesitancy. The 05 Micron size (.045 mm) is obviously larger than what I'm used to but I like it a lot, as the first 6 or 8 pages in my latest Field Notes book will attest to. I can see this size in other colors making its way into regular use.

Step outside your comfort zone occasionally. You might be surprised what you find.

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Me, Myke, The Pen Addict Podcast, and You

A Brit of a bombshell dropped yesterday, didn't it?

No worries on the Pen Addict Podcast front gang - the show is continuing on as normal. Myke and I will continue to blow out your eardrums each week, although next week will be our last episode at 5by5. We will have a few week hiatus after that while we push the reset button and hope to begin recording again in mid-August.

The future is bright, and I look forward to joining my current stablemates (and some new ones) on our next adventure.

Stay tuned!

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Winter Session + Doane Paper Flap Jotter Transport Small Winner

I'm always happy when Chad Doane offers up some of his excellent Doane Paper Goods for readers of The Pen Addict. You know it's going to be good! This time around the Winter Session + Doane Paper Flap Jotter Transport Small was up for grabs, and the winner is:

Congrats Justin! Get in touch via the Contact page and I will get your Transport transported.

Thanks again to Chad Doane, and be sure to take advantage of the code "wintersession" for 10% off all of your Winter Session + DP purchases through noon on July 22nd.

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Uni Power Tank Smart Series Review

The Fisher Space Pen is the quintessential write-anywhere ballpoint pen that most people have seen or might own. There are several other pens that utilize a pressurized cartridge to achieve the same results, and the one that I've really taken a liking to is the Uni Power Tank.

There are three things that stand out to me that make the Power Tank a greater value than the Space Pen: Price, Grip, and Writing Performance. Bold claims, right?

At $3.30, the price is obviously much lower than most Fisher Space Pens. But, the price doesn't detract from the writing quality of the pen, which is what makes it a great value. I have several of these in different places. There's one in each of our cars, a couple in random bags of mine, one at work, and probably a couple others that I've forgotten. I can buy several and not flinch.

The grip on these pens is something I especially enjoy. The grip section sports tightly grouped grooves that provide an excellent writing grip. The thickness of the section is also very agreeable. It's on the thick side of average. I've written a lot with these pens, and I've never been annoyed by the grip.

The refill is excellent as far as ballpoints go. I don't think it uses the same ink technology as the Jetstreams, but it's pretty similar. Smooth, dark, and skipless. This pen keeps up with fast writing in less-than-ideal conditions and positions. On top of that, it's a 0.7 mm point, which is what I prefer. It's the same line width as the Jetstream 0.7 mm points. Prefer something different? You can also get 0.5 and 1.0 refills, although color options in all are bare.

One of my favorite things about this pen when compared to something like the Fisher Bullet is the fact that it's retractable. Sure, it's longer than the Bullet when it's closed, but you can't beat the simple one-handed operation of a retractable pen.

This pen is a real winner for me because it significantly over-delivers on what it sets out to do. It's trustworthy, and I love it for that.

There are five colors to pick from, as well as a premium metal body that's only available in pink on JetPens. They used to carry a silver and black version, and I wish I would've gotten one when I had the chance. The body colors are extremely exciting, but there's plenty of choice. Personally, I think you can't go wrong with the Yellow or Silver bodies.

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