Tombow AirPress Ballpoint Pen Giveaway

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I am a fan of the utility of pressurized ballpoint pens and there are none better in my book than the Tombow AirPress. I first reviewed it in 2010 and to this date I have not found a pressurized refill pen to perform any better, including the Fisher Space Pen.

Tombow USA reached out and has offered up three of these great pens for giveaway, all in the Stormtrooper-esque white body, as pictured above. The 501st Legion would be proud.

Here is how to enter:

  1. Leave one comment on this post anytime between now, and Saturday night at 11:59 PM Eastern Time. You are limited to one entry. This contest is open to US and International readers..

  2. For this contest, I will pick three winners at random from the comments section of this post. The comments will be numbered in the order they are received, i.e. the first comment is #1, the second #2, and so on. The Random Integer Generator at will be used to pick the numbers of the winners.

  3. The contest winners will be posted on Sunday, November 23rd. The winners will have one week to email me via the Contact link at the top of the page.

My thanks to Tombow for sponsoring this giveaway, and be sure to check out all the excellent Tombow products available from JetPens.

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The CUBE By Karas Kustoms

Dan Bishop sent me a pre-relase version of The CUBE, the latest Kickstarter collaboration from Karas Kustoms and Mike Dudek, and I am taken aback by how much I like it. I had already backed the project before receiving this from Dan, and while I didn't need to have the product in hand to be happy about backing it, I am ecstatic that I have a second one heading my way.

This is a pen holder I don't want just sitting around the desk. It is so well done and feels so incredible that I want to hold it, play around with it, take it with me in my backpack, all just so I can be around it. I may even ask it to marry me, which I'm sure my wife would not approve of.

I made the point with Dan on this week's podcast that this is not a six-walled hollow center pen holder. This is a solid block of aluminum with 9 holes drilled and filled with Delrin sleeves to keep your pens protected. The CUBE weighs in at 1 lb., 14 oz. An almost two pound block of goodness to sit on your desk and look beautiful.

The Kickstarter project has already met its goal, so you have 20 days to get in on the action and take a CUBE of your own home. And maybe marry it.

My thanks to Dan, Mike, and Karas Kustoms for sending me this CUBE for review.

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A.G. Spalding & Bros Bullet Roller Review

(Jeff Abbott is a regular contributor at The Pen Addict. You can find more from Jeff online at Draft Evolution and Twitter.)

Liquid ink roller ball pens seem to be more difficult to find than your average gel ink or ballpoint pen – even fountain pens are more plentiful. That's why I always enjoy trying out a new roller ball pen. I like roller ball pens because they're typically very smooth and lay down thick, dark lines that look so good on the page. Sometimes they disappoint, but other times they become new favorites. The A.G. Spalding Bullet easily became a favorite for me – right up there with the Retro 51 Tornado.

To be honest, I've looked at this pen on JetPens many times. It just never caught my eye. It looked boring, and I had other more interesting things in my wish list. For some reason, I decided to give it a go this time, and I'm really happy I did. I have a new favorite with this pen.

Like every pen, it has some downsides, but it's an overall great writer that looks good too.


The Bullet (I keep shortening the name because it's so long to begin with) is incredibly simple in style. It's sleek, slim, and unique. I love the way the cap lines up flush with the body of the pen no matter which end it's clipped to. Capped or posted, it's still very sleek and slim.

I don't know what material the body is made of – some type of metal – but there's a clear coat on top of the metal that gives the entire body a nice shine and 3-dimensional look. It's really nice to look at, which is surprising for such a simple design. It just works really well.

All of the parts feel like they're made of high-quality materials. The tolerances in the threads and the cap are tight and feel great. Either I got a really great example, or there is a lot of care put into the quality control on these pens.

One thing I do miss on this pen is a clip. It rolls around very freely on a desk, and I've lost it several times for that reason. An optional clip (similar to Kaweco or Fisher's Bullet pen) would be a great accessory for this pen as long as it was equally stylish and sleek.


The real secret with this pen is in the refill. It's a Uni Mitsubishi refill, and it's absolutely fantastic. I love the Retro 51 Schmidt refills, but now I've found another go-to refill. I like it just as much as the Schmidt refill, and it's a different shape as well, so maybe I'll have luck transplanting it to other pens that aren't so well-endowed in the refill area.

The writing experience is smooth and consistent. The lines are dark and crisp. No starting or pooling issues that I've seen. I think this might be because the ink is a liquid gel, which might make it less runny than most liquid inks. Honestly, I really don't know what kind of ink is in this pen. The descriptions on JetPens lean both ways. Does it really matter, though? It's a great refill that I'm glad I discovered.

Downsides? Sure. I've noticed one downside when writing: the grip. It can become a bit slippery when writing for a while due to the finish on the body. It looks great, but it's not good for strenuous writing sessions.

Brad reviewed this pen way back in February of 2008, but it's definitely worth another look for anyone that wants to expand their roller ball collection with another beautiful pen and excellent writer.

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