March Sponsor Spotlight

Image via Goldspot

Image via Goldspot

Sponsor support is very important to me here at The Pen Addict. My sidebar advertisers put their faith in me to deliver good value for them month in and month out, and I want to shine the light on the best of the best for you. If you are shopping for pens, paper, inks, and more, please check out these great companies and see what they have to offer. Some recent highlights:

JetPens broke the internet with their recent addition of over 100 Holbein Artists’ Watercolor paint colors. Yes, you read that right.

Goldspot has the brand new Pelikan M101N Bright Red Special Edition fountain pen, featuring a beautiful red marbled acrylic with yellow and orange undertones.

Anderson Pens received the TWSBI Mini AL in Blue, making it the first color release in this series. It comes in all nib sizes from EF to 1.1 Stub.

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The Pen Addict Podcast: Episode 249 - An Astronomical Wallet Event

I recapped the 2017 Arkansas Pen Show with Myke this week, and we mixed in a little Aurora Flex talk, plus your #asktpa questions.

Show Notes & Download Links

This episode of The Pen Addict is sponsored by:

Squarespace: Make your next move. Enter offer code INK at checkout to get 10% off your first purchase.

Casper: Because everyone deserves a great night sleep. Get $50 off with the code ‘penaddict’.

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J.B.’s Perfect Pen Flush Review

The deeper I fall down the fountain pen rabbit hole, the more interested I become in tools that help me maintain them. Micro mesh and brass sheets are two of my go-to items, and J.B.’s Perfect Pen Flush has been added to the list.

You will see bottles of J.B.’s around pen shows, and for good reason. It can clean out some of the oldest and hardest to reach ink in fountain pens of any age. I’ve always told myself I didn’t need it, and truth is, you may not either, but there are many situations when it comes in handy.

Flushing with water

Flushing with water

Most modern cartridge and converter pens are easy to clean. Take them apart, run the parts under the faucet, power clean with an aspirator if possible, rinse, dry, repeat. No need for anything special. But as my tastes change toward unique filling systems or older pens bought second and third hand, sometimes a little extra cleaning is needed. That’s where J.B.’s Pen Flush comes in handy.

Flushing with J.B.'s Pen Flush

Flushing with J.B.'s Pen Flush

According to the instructions, you should flush your pen with water until it is as clean as possible. Then, follow the same process with J.B.’s. Finally, flush the pen with water once more. The initial step gets most of the ink out, with the pen flush taking care of any extra ink the original water flush didn’t get. The last step cleans the pen and has it ready to be inked once more.

These steps have worked well for me when cleaning out pens with a vacuum filling mechanism, especially older pens. The only step I don’t follow is that I pour J.B.’s into a small bowl to clean from as opposed to using the bottle directly, which the label recommends. It is usable over and over again, so I make sure I have a good batch of pens to clean so I am not wasteful with it.

Looking good!

Looking good!

One thing I need to try that others have done is to soak finicky parts overnight, like nibs with gunked up feeds. It also works well with a Q-Tip inside demonstrator barrels to make them shine once again.

J.B.’s Perfect Pen Flush is an excellent addition to your pen cleaning arsenal. Keep a bottle with all of the other tools you use on a regular basis. It will come in handy when you need it.

(Anderson Pens provided this product at no charge to The Pen Addict for review purposes.)

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