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#OnePenOneDay Pilot Precise V7 and Zebra F-701

It has been a few of weeks since my last #OnePenOneDay post, so I wanted to catch up real quick with two pens that recently made it through the challenge.

Pilot Precise V7

The Pilot Precise V7 is a Hall of Fame caliber pen. It has made it through decades relatively unchanged, and with good reason - it’s hard to mess with perfection. Known for is smoothness, the V7, along with the fine point V5, is a wonderful writer. They can be found in stores everywhere, and if you like writing with a needle tip liquid ink pen there is no better.

Zebra F-701

The Zebra F-701 on the other hand, is more of a niche pen, but is starting to gain quite a following. Between just these two pens, I reach for the Zebra 9 out of 10 times. I like the build quality, and the ballpoint ink cartridge is super smooth. This pen just oozes quality and functionality. In fact, the guy who repaired my dishwasher this week was even sporting one (I did toss him a Power Tank to try out).

One pen is established, and the other is an up and comer, but every true pen addict should own one of each.

Posted on September 30, 2011 and filed under #onepenoneday, F-701, Precise V7, Zebra.