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Karas Kustoms EDK Review

My fandom for all things Karas Kustoms goes all the way back to their first venture into the world of machined pens with the release of the Render K. At the time, there weren't many other options for the Pilot Hi-Tec-C refill, and the straightforward, clean design spoke to me. I was in, and have been a fan of everything Karas has released since.

Their latest pen release, The EDK, is following a bit of a different path to market. There will be no Kickstarter this time. Rather, the EDK will be released initially on Massdrop before rolling into the lineup at Karas Kustoms. I think this is an interesting choice, and a good path to take for the launch of a new product. From a business perspective I'll definitely be paying attention to how it works out.

But we aren't here to talk business, are we? So let's talk pens! The EDK is a well designed pocketable, retractable, metal-bodied every day carry type of pen. The style and shape are pure Karas, and that's a good thing in my book. The model I was sent for review by Massdrop is the Tumbled Aluminum + Tumbled Copper version and it is a real looker. I had only seen pictures of the black aluminum model prior to this, so needless to say I got a silly grin on my face when I opend the box and saw the contents.

The EDK is built around the Schmidt P8126 refill, also commonly know as the Retro 51 refill. Parker style refills also fit, such as the Fisher Space Pen refill. And, as is the case with many machined pens, the refill will determine your buying decision. I love the refill, but it isn't a primary writer for me, like the Pilot Hi-Tec-C in my Render K or Pilot Juice in my Retrakt. It is a primary writer for many though, and a much loved refill, so it will do very well.

The two-tone options for the EDK are something I love. Before getting the aluminum/copper model in, I think my first choice would be one of the aluminum/black aluminum models. Again, just like my Retrakt. Such a killer look in my opinion. They are also available in other single and combo material barrels, including brass.

Pen tip extended (before)

Pen tip extended (before)

I had one minor issue with my EDK that may only apply to me and my visual aesthetic. With mine, the tip did not extend out of the pen opening as far as I prefer. The edge of the refill tip cone was flush with the barrel opening. I prefer the flat of the refill body to show just a slight bit - we are talking millimeters here - for a better visual when writing. I fixed that easily with the tiniest piece of double sided tape on the end of the knock. Easy fix, and like I said, a personal preference thing.

Pen tip extended (after)

Pen tip extended (after)

Overall, I think the EDK is going to do extremely well for Karas Kustoms. The quality and design are on point and it fits right in with the rest of their product lineup. The EDK just launched on Massdrop, so head over there now and check out all of the options.

(Massdrop provided this pen at no charge to The Pen Addict for review purposes.)

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