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Zebra Surari Airfit Grip 0.5 mm Review

(Jeff Abbott is a regular contributor at The Pen Addict. You can find more from Jeff online at Draft Evolution and Twitter.)

It's been a while since I've tried out a new hybrid ballpoint pen, as I've been really satisfied by what Uniball and Pilot offer in their (respective) Jetstream and Acroball lines. That being said, it's great to see other options out there to keep the competition healthy and in motion.

My most recent exposure to the hybrid ballpoint genre comes from Zebra. The Zebra Surari Airfit Grip ballpoint pen is a comfortable, colorful ballpoint pen that uses Zebra's own Surari emulsion ink refills. Unsurprisingly, the Surari ink puts down a smooth, crisp, and dark line without any problems. It's a great pen, but it does have a drawback or two.

First, though, let's look at what sets this pen apart from the other Zebra Surari pens: the Airfit Grip. This pen features a soft, squishy grip section that makes it more comfortable to write with. I've never been a huge fan of squishy grip sections, so I can't say I enjoy this grip. That being said, it's not so soft that it makes holding the pen steady a chore. It's stable enough to make holding the pen an easy enough task. I can't say with any confidence that the soft grip reduces fatigue, but it's a nice feature. If, like me, you prefer a stiffer grip, check out the regular Zebra Surari pens. The color I have is blue-green, and I think it looks great. Although, you have six other colors to choose from.

Writing with this pen is mostly a pleasure. The lines are crisp and dark, and the ink has no problem keeping up with my fast scribbles. The only problem I've had so far is the tendency for the tip to become scratchy if I hold the pen at too much of an angle. When I write, I tend to hold the pen at a 30-40 degree angle. In my (very) informal testing, the Zebra performs flawlessly between 90 and 50 degrees (where 90 degrees is perpendicular to the paper). This is a problem for me since it means I have to adjust my writing style. The scratching doesn't affect the writing performance of the pen, but it does annoy me. Because of this, I'll definitely reach for a Jetstream or Acroball if they're available.

Another thing to consider with the Zebra line is ink color options. From what I can tell, you can only choose from the standard black, blue, and red. This isn't a bad thing, but when you consider that Uniball and Pilot both offer a few more colors (around seven each), a definite gap starts to emerge. The price point between all three brands is negligible, so it really comes down to personal taste and preference. Finally, when you consider that Pilot and Uniball both offer several multi-pen configurations while Zebra offers none, the gap widens.

For me, the Zebra doesn't really fit in my writing arsenal due to the way I hold my pen when writing. The lack of color options also hurts it when compared directly. The Uniball and Pilot lines make more sense right now, but I'm excited to see how Zebra expands this line in the future.

The Zebra Surari Airfit Grip is a great pen despite my complaints. If you like the design or colors that they offer, do yourself a favor and pick one up. The Airfit Grip line only comes with a 0.5mm refill, but you can purchase 0.5mm, 0.7mm, and 1.0mm sizes separately in black, blue, and red.

(JetPens provided this product at no charge to The Pen Addict for review purposes.)

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Zebra Surari 0.7mm Blue Review

Zebra Surari

(This is a guest review by Thomas Newman. You can follow Thomas on Twitter @ThomasNewman.)

Hello everyone, my name is Thomas, and Brad has been so kind as to let me contribute some guest reviews. I work as an ad copywriter currently, and worked 3 years as an office supply department head at a college bookstore, so needless to say, I love a good pen. (and run-on sentences)

Even though Mr. Pen Addict himself, and another guest writer have reviewed the Surari, I felt I had to share my thoughts on it as well. Brad sent me a few different pens to review, but since I love this pen so much, I decided to do it first. If I had to describe the Zebra Surari 0.7mm in one word, it would be “fantastic.” Not only is this pen easy to write with, it’s well made, an super cheap. When I throw out words like “fantastic” in reference to a pen, it isn’t without serious consideration.

I like to think that everyone has a favorite writing utensil, but few people spend as much time deciding what to carry, or can list several reasons why they choose a particular pen or pencil as I do. Not only does the Surari’s ink dry quickly like a ballpoint pen, it writes as if it were a gel pen. Now I don’t know how “revolutionary” (according to it is, but it sure does rock. I write in a fairly weird way in that I constantly rest the side of my hand on the paper and it drags across the page as I write. Due to this, I am constantly cursing pens that leave an ink smear on my hand at the end of the day. The Surari’s “Emulsion Ink” alleviates this problem.

I mentioned earlier that this pen is quite cheap. I mean that of course in price terms, not in quality. The Zebra Surari will cost you a mere $1.65. You read that right; it’s not a typo. This is especially great for users who want various colors of ink. Speaking of multiple ink colors, JetPens offers a plethora of ink choices that even include florescent colors, and different barrel colors. The tip sizes provide even more options as you can purchase the Surari in 0.5, 0.7, or 1.0mm versions.

I have changed my writing instrument of choice tons of times while I was in college, but I have never stuck with one as long as I have with this Zebra. If you want a great, affordable, everyday use pen, look no further.

Zebra Surari

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Zebra Surari 4 Color Multi Pen Video Review

This is a guest post by Bryan Gushikawa.


Multi pens are hugely popular and exist in many different formats and styles. This pen basically combines a best-of-both-worlds concept (the gel smoothness with ballpoint ink) with the utility of multiple colors. Aimed at office workers and students, this pen seeks to get people hooked not only on color, but also on performance.


The appearance of the Zebra Surari 4C is sort of a standard style. Translucent barrel, elastomer grip, and ink selection up top. The addition of a spring-loaded clip is a godsend to people who clip to journals and shirt pockets. Although it doesn't have the same visual impressiveness as a Ferrari, it's stylish enough to be at home in the classroom, office or coffee shop. The click mechanism is tight, but sometimes the clip clicker has to be pushed a little hard to stay down. The thicker barrel of the pen fits well in the hand and offers more comfort than skinny pens might.

Where the 4C shines is in the performance department. The Surari ink is an even match for the Jetstream and the colors are rich and vibrant. Zebra's Sarasa gel ink is legendary for smoothness and the 4C Surari ink is likewise smooth. It's like writing on icy glass with a butter-coated Teflon stick. Seriously. It doesn't blob or skip and is a real joy to write with.


Any problems with this pen? Not really, although with similar offerings from Zebra's competition, you might be wondering what sets this pen apart enough to make it worth a purchase. Well, the answer is that there IS nothing really distinct, but this pen is an excellent enough performer in its class to merit a top'd compare other pens to this one. A DEFINITE recommend!

I am glad I have one of these (thanks, Jetpens!) and I'd encourage everyone to go ahead and get one. You'll thank me for it once you write with it!


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