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Story Supply “ITHACA” Limited Edition Notebook Giveaway

Story Supply

I love everything that Story Supply does and what they stand for. Not familiar with them? Then be sure to read The Story So Far, which discusses how founders Vito and Gabe got their start, why they do what they do, and what the future holds.

I picked up their new limited edition pocket notebooks in Atlanta, one of only 300 packs being made. It even includes the ultra-rare misprinted belly band! (Just kidding about that part - ask Vito about it next time you see him.) Read the rules below and enter away.

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Story Supply Co. Pocket Staple Notebook Edition 407 Review

(Sarah Read is an author, editor, yarn artist, and pen/paper/ink addict. You can find more about her at her website and on Twitter.)

I'm late, and not even fashionably so, to the Story Supply Co. party. They launched right when I hit pocket-notebook-overwhelm in my own stash, and I was on a self-imposed moratorium. And even though I loved their name (I love stories more than I love pens--shh, don't tell), and I love their awesome mission to bring writing and creative expression to underserved communities--I still was not allowed to buy any more pocket notebooks.

I'm really sorry I waited. These notebooks are delightful. I can already hear my stash growing again.

This 407 edition was named to honor the 407 Kickstarter backers who helped launch the brand. I would also like to thank those folks--you've done the world a great service. This special edition has a wine-colored 100 lb cardstock cover, embossed with the logo. The cover has a gorgeous linen-finish texture to it. It feels fantastic, and it's both rugged and elegant. It's bound with copper staples and the standard 48-pages, here in 70 lb dot grid.

Every writing tool I tried loved this paper. It was a bit smooth for a soft pencil, but I had no trouble even with my broad, wet fountain pen nibs. To really put it to the test, I dragged one around with me on a four-day writer's conference, using it to take notes on panels, write down people's contact info or book titles, and as a general daily journal. I was deliberately hard on it. And if you look closely at the notebook that's outside of the label in the picture--the one that's face-down--you can kind of see fingerprints on it. As still looks new. I was almost disappointed in its durability because I wanted it to look as loved as it is. But you're just going to have to take my word for it--or, better yet, try them out for yourself.

For every pack you buy, a Story Supply kit will be sent to a kid in need--and those voices, those stories really need to get on paper. So load up! Forget whatever silly rules you have about pocket notebook quantity limits. You'll get some great notebooks, and so will the next generation of storytellers.

(Story Supply Co. provided this product at no charge to The Pen Addict for review purposes.)

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