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#OnePenOneDay Lamy Balloon Roller

Lamy Balloon Roller

The Lamy Balloon Roller is one of those pens that I am desperate to love, but has one little thing that keeps it from being perfect. And by perfect I mean I REALLY like this pen, and despite the fact it is 0.7mm, I use it a lot. From me, that is high praise. But, in the initial review I talked about the ink cartridge skipping, and that has never gone away, even after repeated use.

I took a full 8 1/2" x 11" page of notes with this pen last week, and counted six obvious skips on the page. By skipping, I mean the ink line thins out for a partial or full letter, but no more that that. Six times over a full page is not a large number, but it is noticeable to a pen addict like me.

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Review: Lamy Balloon Roller Ball

Lamy Balloon RollerAnother one of the great new Lamy products from JetPens, the Lamy Balloon Roller Ball is a very cool pen.  The great looking translucent colored barrels sold me, but would the performance keep me around?  Would you expect anything else from Lamy?

The Balloon Roller feels great in the hand.  The plastic barrel is lightweight, but in traditional Lamy style, it also feels very sturdy.  This is no cheap plastic pen here for sure.  I love how it writes too, but I do have a couple of minor concerns that keep this pen from being perfect.  One, I am getting a little skipping from the ink cartridge.  Until I can order a new cartridge, I am chalking this up as a fluke.  I either need to give this refill a good writing workout, or try another one to compare.  I have marked on the review where you can see the skipping.  From past experience, this seems like an outlier.

Secondly, I love the look of the clip, but I wish it was a little tighter.  That is an extremely minor complaint, but being used to how snappy the clips are on the Safaris and AL-Stars, this one is a bit of a let down.  It is by no means a deal breaker though.  It's just if I was making the perfect pen I would make it tighter.

In the big picture, I like the Balloon Roller more than the AL-Star roller I reviewed recently.  It feels better, and I am enjoying the blue liquid ink more than the black.  It doesn't seem as wet, and if I can get past the skipping it will be great.

Click here for the XL review.

Products used:
Lamy Balloon Roller Ball Pen - Blue Body from JetPens
Writing Pad from Doane Paper

Lamy Balloon Roller

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