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Review: Uni-Ball Vision Elite 0.8mm Blue Black

Uni-Ball Vision EliteYou are a pen addict, right?  That's hopefully why you are here in the first place.  So, being the good pen addict that you are, when someone else asks you for a pen recommendation, what pen do you choose?  For any of us that have tried more than their fair share of pens, that is nearly an impossible question to answer.  What is the pen going to be used for?  What type of paper?  Type of ink?  How often?  Retractable?  So on and so on - the questions are really endless.  I run through all of these items with many of the people that email me looking for a recommendation, and that allows me to narrow it down quite a bit, but picking a pen is such a personal thing.

Why all of the rambling on this Uni-Ball Vision Elite review?  Because this pen tends to rate positively in pretty much every category across the board.  Let me list out a few things:

-- Great barrel design.  Classy for work, but functional anywhere.

-- Very smooth writer.  The liquid ink just glides across the page.

-- Good price point.  These can be found regularly in the $2-2.50 range.

-- Uni-Ball Super Ink technology?  Check.

-- Airplane safe?  Check.

-- Refillable?  Check.

Another big reason I recommend this pen a lot - it passed the mother-in-law test.  My mother-in-law is aware of my pen addiction and asked for a few pens recently.  I gave her all of the basics - Signo 207, Precise V5, G2, Jetstream, etc. - and the Vision Elite is the only one she asked for more of.  If that doesn't say something about the quality of this pen then I don't know what does.

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Uni-Ball Vision Elite

Posted on July 8, 2010 and filed under Pen Reviews, Uni-Ball, Vision.