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Active Bunko Book Sticky Notes Review


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Sticky notes can be harbingers of doom--symbols of anxiety. They're left in strategic locations, like nagging ninjas, to remind you of things you'd probably rather not do. Things you would normally forget in an act of self-preservation. So it's important, for your sanity, to keep cute sticky notes around. Something that will take the sting out of that unwanted task. And they don't come much cuter than these ones.


Active Bunko Book Sticky Notes are inspired by the Japanese Bunko Books--small, inexpensive paperbacks for light reading. The cover is firm, textured cardstock with colorful stamped designs. There's a fine elastic closure band to keep it all tidy. The book contains 60 sticky notes--this set has an adorable panda clutching some flowers on ivory paper with a light floral pattern. The book design makes it easy to carry in a bag or pocket, so they're always handy.


The adhesive isn't super powerful. It will stick to a clean surface like a computer, book, white board, etc. But it isn't sticky enough for many removal-and-resticks, and some surfaces don't work well with it at all. The trade-off for that is that the paper itself doesn't become tacky with glue residue, so it's actually very nice to write on. It even works with fountain pens--from fine to double broad. I was expecting the smearing and beading I usually get writing on post-it notes, so this was an awesome surprise. Pencils, gel pens, rollerball, ballpoint, liquid inks--all worked great on this paper, with no bleed-through or feathering.


In addition to pandas, there are cats, birds, and bows in this style of note. They're pricey at $5.25. You can get tons of plain, boring sticky notes for that price--and perhaps you should--but if you need a nice note, these are a good choice. Next time you need to leave yourself a reminder for something dreadful (make that dentist appointment!), or ask a loved one to do an unpleasant chore (please pull the weeds!), say it with a cute panda in your favorite ink. Or just use them to leave happy notes everywhere. Either way, these are a real pleasure to use, and very practical.

(JetPens provided this product at no charge to The Pen Addict for review purposes.)

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Posted on October 26, 2017 and filed under Active, Sticky Notes.