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Something that will upgrade your Pilot FriXion Ball Clicker: SMART-GRIP

(Original article, 3/5/2018. Written by Takuya Takahashi. Translated by Bruce Eimon.)

UNUS PRODUCTS SERVICE. has released a version of their SMART-GRIP line for the Pilot FriXion Ball Clicker. SMART-GRIP is a series of aluminum replacement grip sections for common-place Japanese pens.

Image 2 SMART-GRIP.jpg

Previous versions of the SMART-GRIP have supported the FriXion Ball 3, the FriXion Ball 4, and the Uni-ball Jetstream 4+1. The new release is for the FriXion Ball Clicker.

Image 3 SMART-GRIP.jpg
Image 4 SMART-GRIP.jpg

The FriXion Ball Clicker is one of Pilot’s most popular pens, and I am sure it is part of the daily carry for many of our readers.

Image 5 SMART-GRIP.jpg

Five color variations have been released, and I went ahead and tried two of them.

Image 6 SMART-GRIP.jpg
Image 7 SMART-GRIP.jpg

It gives the pens a slick look, and I feel like it makes the pens easier to write with by giving them a lower center of gravity. Compared to the rubber grip that originally came with the pen, this offers a cooler touch without any stickiness. I imagine it will maintain a nice feel even for long writing sessions.

Image 8 SMART-GRIP.jpg

The tip of the grip is also replaceable, so you can customize the look even further by buying two different colors and swapping their tips.

Image 9 SMART-GRIP.jpg

The SMART-GRIP allows you to upgrade your pen just by swapping the grip. I would highly recommend it to people who love using the FriXion.

Note: This product was developed independently by UNUS PRODUCT SERVICE. and is not a collaboration with the original manufacturer of the pen. Please use this product at your own risk.

Recommended for:

  • People who like the Pilot FriXion Ball Clicker
  • People who don’t like rubber grip sections
  • People who tend to get sweaty hands

Infomation: SMART-GRIP for frixionball knock|UNUS PRODUCT SERVICE.

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