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Sharpie Pen RT Purple - New Barrel Style Review

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The original Sharpie Pen has always been one of my favorite pens, so when the first Sharpie Pen Retractable model came out I was very anxious try try it. That anxiousness turned into disappointment very quickly with the various issues that the original RT had, such as the tip drying out (or running out of ink) at a very fast rate. So has the new version of the RT corrected all of the originals flaws? Not quite, but it is an improvement.

The visual differences between the original and new RT are obvious and a nice change on the new model. The plunger has changed from chrome to black, the grip has been streamlined, and Sharpie has added a color ring around the middle of the pen to match the ink color. Every one of those things is an improvement over the original, especially the grip. It is slightly thinner and more comfortable to write with.

From an ink perspective, the jury is still out. I jumped to conclusions with the original RT before they started bricking out on me at an alarming rate. I haven't seen the same issue with the new RT yet, but I haven't been using them as frequently either. One thing I have noticed with the purple ink in the review is that the RT is a shade or two darker than the regular Sharpie Pen purple ink. Of course I couldn't find my original Sharpie Pen to compare it to directly, but it just seems that way.

Overall, the new Sharpie RT is a noticeable improvement over the original. Some of the rattling issues are still present, but the total package is better and if the ink holds up it is a clear winner.

If you want even more details on the Sharpie Pen RT, including a dissection of the barrel, check out Office Supply Geeks great posts on the subject.

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Posted on March 31, 2011 and filed under Pen Reviews, Sharpie Pen, Sharpie Pen RT.