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Tom Bihn Sketchbook And Pen Review

There are few companies in the world that I respect more than Tom Bihn. Their designs, quality, aesthetic, and philosophy speak to me on a personal level like no other. They have also been a great supporter of the blog and community for the past several years, and when they told me they were sending me a secret package recently, I had no idea what to expect.

I guessed it might be related to the Field Journal I reviewed last year, and I was happy to be right and wrong at the same time. It was writing related, but wasn’t a bag at all.

The Tom Bihn Sketchbook & Pen was a huge surprise, and had me grinning from ear to ear. And when I read Tom’s story of how it came to be, I was even more excited about it. I can now use the tools of the master!

The sketchbook is simple. The pages are approximately 5” square, allowing it to be used in any orientation, and blank, to keep the slate clean. It is spiral bound to allow you to tear and share your ideas, with strong cardboard covers for stability. The Organizer Pouch design on the front cover is a great added touch.

The included pen is the world-famous Bic 4-Color, but in the more portable mini size. As Tom states, having these four colors available in one pen allows him to “delineate layers, processes, ordinal priority, whatever makes sense at the moment.” I don’t have his skills, but I absolutely use different colors to denote different things when sketching, so this is a great match.

If you expect this paper to be used with pens other than ballpoints or pencils, you will be disappointed. I’m willing to give this a pass because this is Tom’s notebook, designed specifically for him. He had to order them in a large enough quantity to get the price down and couldn’t use them all himself!

If you want a fun product with a specific purpose from a great company, then the Tom Bihn Sketchbook & Pen is a no-brainer, especially for only $10.

My thanks to Tom Bihn for sending me these products at no charge for review.

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Tom Bihn Field Journal Notebook Giveaway Winner

This was a good one gang, thanks to my friends over at Tom Bihn. They have a nice thing going with the relaunch of their Field Journal Notebook and I am happy to be able to give my review model away. The winner is:

Congrats Nathan! It's not Olive or Orange (wow that Orange 152 is hot!) but I think the Navy will work out for you just fine. Get in touch via the Contact page and I'll get this shipped next week.

Thanks to all who entered, and look for another awesome giveaway on Tuesday!

Posted on June 5, 2016 and filed under Tom Bihn, Giveaways.