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The End Of Ink Links

I made a big announcement yesterday but for many readers this one may be more of a surprise. My Saturday Ink Links post will be no more.

These two decisions coming down at the same time was pure coincidence. They have been working their way through my brain at the same time, each on their own separate path. It just so happened that the time to make these changes was now.

The original intent of Ink Links was to share pertinent links I found online related to pens and paper. At the time I started doing it there wasn't much activity in the stationery blog arena, so it was a discovery process for me as much as sharing what I found with readers.

As the years went by and stationery blogs began to sprout, I wanted to be sure that readers of my blog knew there was great content being created and where they could find it. Ink Links became a staple of my blogging schedule and to this day generates a great amount of feedback and fellowship between readers and bloggers alike.

It's hard to stop doing something that has been so successful and so beneficial to me and to others but the timing feels right. Ink Links has become stale, repetitive, uninspired, and no longer poses a challenge. I used to enjoy the hunt for the next great product or blog, but expressing that in the form of an Ink Links-style post has turned into a robotic case of "I link you. You link me. We're a happy family!" I no longer see this post as being a value to the reader.

So, what is next for the Saturday time slot? I'm still figuring that out, but I have some ideas. I want to create content that is useful and meaningful while still remaining true to my strong belief in sharing and promoting others in this wonderful community I am lucky to be a part of. You can be assured that discovery will be a big part of it.

I'm not going to lie - I'm going to miss putting this post together every week. But the time is right and I genuinely look forward to what is next. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

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Ink Links

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-- Field Notes Unexposed: Serious Neon Action (Pencil Revolution)

-- Field Notes: Day Game (The Newsprint)

-- Review: Sheaffer Crest (Modern) (Fountain Pen Quest)

-- inexPENsive - Uni-ball Eye needlepoint pen (The Pencilcase Blog)

-- Monk Paper A4 Soft Cover Sketchbook (East...West...Everywhere)

-- Review: Pelikan Edelstein Ruby Cartridges (The Well-Appointed Desk)

-- Kokuyo Century Edition A5 Notebook Review (THE UNROYAL WARRANT)

-- A Knight’s Tale: A short review of The Pilot Knight fountain pen (A fool with a pen)

-- Pen Meet: Sept 2014 (Alt. Haven)

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-- September Favourite Ink Combo's (The Desk of Adam)

-- Hobonichi Techo 2015 Unboxing (Julia's Bento)

-- My Pencil: The Palomino Blackwing Pearl (From the Pen Cup)

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-- Tom Bihn Synapse 25 Review (OfficeSupplyGeek)

-- Apollo Technical Pen review (Pens! Paper! Pencils!)

-- Kaweco Classic Sport – Demonstrator Review (Gear Compass)

-- J. Herbin Rouge Opera Review (The Pen Enthusiast)

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Ink Links

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