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Metaphys Famm Leather Roll Up Pen Case in Orange: A Review

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(Susan M. Pigott is a fountain pen collector, pen and paperholic, photographer, and professor. You can find more from Susan on her blog Scribalishess.)

The Metaphys Famm Leather Roll Up Pen Case is made from super soft sheep skin lined with textured rayon. It comes in a simple cardboard box and exudes a zen-like simplicity.


The outside of the case is beautiful dyed sheep skin that is silky smooth to the touch. There’s no visible stitching, and the only branding is a small “Metaphys” imprint near the edge.


Inside the case are four pen slots that can accomodate even the largest of my pens (my Wahl-Eversharp Oversized Decoband) as well as smaller pens, though the pen slots are not all the same size. For example, the slot closest to the zippered portion is smaller than the others. A flap protects the pens from scratching one another when the case is rolled up.

Pens in Slots.jpg

In addition to the pen slots, the case has an open pocket where you can store an additional pen or two, as long as you don’t mind them knocking together.

Open Pocket.jpg

There’s also a smaller zippered pocket for another pen or maybe an eraser or small ruler. The zipper on my case is rather rough and stubborn, which is unfortunate given that the case is otherwise well made.

Zippered Pocket.jpg

The case rolls up and is secured with a single leather strap.

Rolled and Tied.jpg

When rolled up, the Metaphys case is small (185mm x 60mm/7.3 inches x 2.4 inches), so it’s ideal for purses or the pockets in backpacks and briefcases. It does not have any padding, however, so I wouldn’t put it in a bag with heavy items like books that could potentially crack delicate writing instruments.

Pens in Case Closeup.jpg

At $92.50, the Metaphys Case is rather expensive. But if you want an elegant leather carrying case for a few pens, it might be worth the expense. You can purchase it from JetPens in black, orange, camel, or navy.

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Metaphys Locus 3Way Multi Pen + Pencil Review

Metaphys Locus 3Way Multi Pen

I have been fascinated by the design of the Metaphys Locus ever since it showed up on JetPens a few years ago. I wasn’t familiar with the brand, but after a little digging and reading, I learned that Metaphys is essentially a collaborative design shop involving some of Japan’s top design talent. Their goal is to rethink and rebuild common every day objects in innovative ways, and the Locus Multi Pen is the result of one of their projects.

A 2008 Good Design Award winner, the Locus is beautiful to look at. But as with all good writing instruments, performance is where it is at - for me anyway. The 0.5mm ballpoint writes wonderfully, the 0.5mm pencil functions well, and the most unique part of this pencil - the eraser - is incredibly handy. It feels great in the hand, and is a real head turner.

All of that said, there is one kicker - the price. At over $80 you are making a real commitment to this multi pen. The pen I reviewed is one of our test samples at JetPens, so I didn’t come out of pocket for it myself. I’m not sure that I would either, mainly because I have a hard time sticking with just one pen, and therefore the cost would be hard to justify. If you are looking for a unique pen for yourself or as a gift though, then the Metaphys Locus might be just what you are looking for.

Metaphys Locus 3Way Multi Pen - Ballpoint

Metaphys Locus 3Way Multi Pen - Pencil

Metaphys Locus 3Way Multi Pen - Eraser

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