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Prometheus Alpha Pen Review

Pen fans may not know the name Jason Hui, but those who travel in EDC circles know him well. Jason is the man behind the hugely successful Prometheus Lights flashlight line that was met with rave reviews. His pen project, aptly named Prometheus Writes, blew away a $16,500 goal on Kickstarter, finishing up at a whopping $121,286! Jason Hui has the magic touch.

Jason and I talked on several occasions during the Prometheus Writes campaign, sometimes discussing me reviewing a prototype (we could never work out the timing) and other times discussing refill possibilities. Jason ended up using Montcblanc refills for his project - both the rollerball and the fineliner - which I thought was a bold choice. No other Kickstarter pens were using them, and as the results show, it was a popular choice.

Admittedly, I wasn't so sure about the refill choice and in the end I chose not to back the project. Jason still remembered our early conversations though, and as a thank you wanted to send me a pen. I jumped at my second chance and was shocked when he not only sent me the the aluminum Alpha Pen but also dropped in the big daddy titanium model and some Montblanc fineliner refills as well. Thank you Jason!

Quality is at the forefront of everything Jason makes, and the Alpha Pen is no exception. Both of these pens are meticulously designed and flawlessly crafted. And I don't mean flawless in the hyperbolic sense. Both the aluminum and titanium models look and feel perfect. For someone with no previous pen manufacturing experience to nail the fit, finish, design, balance, and performance on the first go is a testament to the man behind the machine. I like to pick apart the flaws of pens as much as anyone ... and I've got nothing. Using an Alpha Pen is an experience, which is not something you can say about every pen.

These pens do not come cheaply ($155 for aluminum, $240 for titanium) and I like how Jason addresses the cost factor:

> The Alpha Pen isn't cheap because you get what you pay for...just like your dad told you. The price represents the real cost of manufacturing quality goods, in small volume, right here in the USA. The Alpha won't be for everyone, but if you know quality and demand the best (right down to the custom manufactured screws) you're my customer!

Between the two models, I actually prefer the cheaper aluminum barrel. It is about a half an ounce lighter, and while it is not necessarily noticble offhand, it does come into play if you post the pen. Plus, is has a great shine that the titanium doesn't have despite not being as indestructible. It's plenty strong on its own though.

If you are looking for a pen that not only does a great job but will last a lifetime you need to check out the Aplha Pen. I'm not the only one who loves it either. My friend Tony at Everyday Commentary gave it a perfect 20 out of 20 score, whch is a rare feat.

Thanks again to Jason for sending me these pens. It has been an eye opening experience. I'm an EDC guy and don't own one of his lights yet, but the Beta-QR Keychain Flashlight is now at the top of my wish list. And speaking of tops, Jason is proving the doubters wrong once again with his current Kickstarter campaign - Prometheus Spins: The Lambda Top.

Sleep on Jason Hui at your own risk.

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