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Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper - November 9, 2010

Welcome to the November 9, 2010 edition of carnival of pen, pencil and paper. I am very excited to host this carnival for the second time, and love to see the pen, pencil, and paper blogging community come together for the greater good. It is a true pleasure!

Editor's Picks

John presents Pencil for long-term writing. posted at Pencil Revolution, saying, "Thanks for opening up the carnival to pencils also!"

David Garrett presents Ink Review - Pelikan Edelstein Ruby posted at seize the dave.

New product news

Okami0731 presents Inky Monday - Wancher Original Inks posted at Whatever, saying, "New line of Inks from Wancher"


Millie presents Product review: Think Green notebook posted at Planet Millie.

Kristin Donovan presents Lust: Ecojot Recycled Mini Journals posted at Journal Writing Saved My Life.

Nifty Notebook presents Review: Revolver Notebook posted at Notebook Stories, saying, "A review of a two-in-one notebook with a unique binding."

travisthetrout presents The Day Book: tips for a more effective daily notebook posted at Notes in a Book.


Keith Harris presents The Pilot Opt .5 posted at Penned House.

CynthiaNiklas presents Review: Comparing Tombow?s Mono 100 Drawing Pencils with the Newer, Mono Professional Drawing Pencils posted at Journaling Arts, saying, "Thanks! If you need anything else, please let me know."


Tom Oddo presents New Pen Buying Guide posted at Goldspot Pens, saying, "A basic primer to aid the layperson in buying a new fine writing instrument. Step into a pen store / show with confidence!"

Shaylen Williams presents Private Reserve Ebony Purple Fountain Pen Ink posted at The Poor Connoisseurs, saying, "I have been reviewing pens on my blog for a little while now. This is my first fountain pen ink review. I am trying to get this blog "out there" a little more. I'm not super technical; my husband and I review everything on our blog from a "poor college student" point of view. That is what we are, though we still enjoy nice things."

ThirdeYe presents Pentel Vicuna Pen Review posted at Derek's Pens and Pencils.

Diane Bobal presents TWSBI Fine Point Fountain Pen posted at Pocket Blonde, saying, "Can't stop marveling at just how good this fountain pen is, one designed basically by committee (and we know how well that stuff work out!)."

Cheryl from Writer's Bloc presents The Forgotten Pen Collection posted at Writer's Bloc Blog.

Margana presents So What's The Deal With Iron Gall Ink posted at An Inkophile's Blog, saying, "Traces of iron gall ink have been found on the Dead Sea Scrolls. It has been around that long but does it belong in your fountain pen?"

Note Booker, Esq presents Let's ride! Booker's review of two Waterman Harley-Davidson Fountain Pens posted at Note Booker, Esq.

Brian presents Pen and Highlighter in One: Bic Duo posted at OfficeSupplyGeek.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival of pen, pencil and paper using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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