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Zebra Regal Liquid Ink NR5 Review

Zebra NR5

(This is a guest post by Brian Gushikawa)

Zebra is best known for their Steel series of pens and pencils, but they also make a full line of gel and ballpoint pens. This pen is an entry into their rollerball line and directly competes with offerings from Pilot and Mitsubishi/Uniball. The Regal Liquid Ink NR5 is a needle point rollerball with a large ink reservoir and a good feel to it. It's a disposable way to carry around a good daily writer that won't let down its user.

Smoothness: Wonderful! Feels like a fountain pen! This pen doesn't suffer from the scratchiness that most fine point pens do.

Grip and Balance: The front section is ridged plastic which offers tactile feedback, but isn't soft elastomer like some other grips. The balance when posted is average and adequate.

Ink Flow: A standard finned flow regulator with (most likely) a fiber core flow controller provides a consistent flow with no skips or blotches.

Build Quality: Very good! Surprising, considering the disposable nature of this pen. The heft is good and the pen feels a little bit better than a Pilot Precise V5.

Capacity: The entire back of the pen is an ink tank, so there's a LOT of ink there!!

Clip: Very strong metal clip attached to a plastic cap. It's not as durable as a fountain pen clip, but it's fine for everyday use.

Post: The friction-fitted cap posts well and doesn't rattle.

Overall: You'd be hard pressed to find a nicer rollerball at the price point than the NR5. The needle tip allows for precision writing and the ink is a nice, dark shade of black. I'd say that this pen is a definite recommend as a backup for a fountain pen.

Zebra NR5

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Review: Zebra Regal Roller 0.5mm Pink

Zebra Regal RollerEver since my first review of the Zebra Regal Roller back in February of this year, people have been wondering when and where they were going to be able to buy them.  Spring came and went, then summer, but availability was sporadic at best, and non-existant at worst.  JetPens came through though - as they always seem to do - and now stock a nice assortment of the 0.5mm needle tip and the 0.7mm arrow tip Regal Rollers.  Hooray for JetPens!

I gave away several of the Zebras I recieved from the company back in the winter, so I was glad to pick up a few more to have on hand, and this pink needle tip was one of them.  I love a nice dark pink, and this one comes out great on the page.  If you have been fortunate enough to try out a Regal Roller since my last review, you will also know how nice of a pen they really are.  The barrel design is a nice update by Zebra.  It looks and feels great.  The grip area could be a little better in my opinion (I would prefer a smooth plastic as opposed the the raised ridges).

In my original review I compared the Regal Roller to the Pilot Precise V5, and that comparison still holds true.  In fact, is is darn near a 1-to-1 relationship.  They are that close in feel and performance.  The V5 is one of the smoothest liquid ink pens around, and the Regal Roller is its equal.  Do yourself a favor and give one a try when you get the chance.

Click here for the XL review.

Products used:
Zebra Regal Liquid Ink Needle Point Roller Ball Pen - 0.5 mm Pink from JetPens
Writing Pad from Doane Paper

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