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Tuesday Toolset, Expensive Marker Edition

While I have taken and shared pictures of the madness that my journaling Brasstown holds, I’ve never laid it out in a post. Now I have.

Nock Co. Brasstown

Nock Co. Brasstown. It holds more than you think. That should be the tag line for this case, because it never fails to surprise people. It has six defined pen slots, but that doesn't define this case. I don’t always have all pen slots filled in this one because it stays at home and I can grab whatever pens I need. I really need it to fit what’s next.

Washi tape. All of it. Any size. Any color. Any brand. I used to use double-sided tape on the back of the images, but washi tape is more fun - even if it gets in the way a bit. Plus, it is removable and re-stickable if needed.

Nakabayashi Sakutto Cut Hikigiri Scissors. Another stationery item that Japan does better than anyone else. You pay a little more, but you get more features and a much sharper, longer lasting blade. At least in my experience.

Copic Multiliner SP. I’ll use any pens and pencils in my visual journal, but the one pen that lives in this setup is this one. They are crazy expensive (and keep going up it seems) related to the competition but the experience is worth it.

Scissors and Washi
Nock Co. Brasstown Full
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Tuesday Toolset, Drifter Edition

I carry different things when I travel than when I am at home. That should go without saying, but I have one particular product that lives in my backpack for when I hit the road, and has been a constant companion for years.

Drifter Bag
  1. Drifter Pouch. This little bag pre-dates Nock Co. by a good margin I think. I should probably switch over to a Chimneytop one day, but for now, this is the accessory bag that lives permanently in my backpack.
  2. Hickorees The Hill-Side Bandana. Polka dot power! This bandana is about as old as the above pouch. I keep it handy for random clean-up, spills, and - wait for it - sweat. There’s no shame in my game, it’s just sometimes glistens more than others.
  3. Dongle-town. I can make do without a lot of things at a pen show, but the one I’d rather not have is my Square chip reader. It stays with the Nock goods, but for backup I keep one of the original swipers, plus a 3.5mm to Lightning adapter for my iPhone, in case the chip reader fails. I can probably lose the thumb drive at this point.
  4. Cash Money. 60 bucks or so? This is the emergency fund for travel and backup cash. Always have backup cash separate from your wallet.
Drifter pouch
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Tuesday Toolset, Energeia Edition

Tuesday Toolset Energeia Edition

Simple is always the right answer. I try to make it complex in the name of testing or research, but I’m always the most happy when my carry is simple.

  1. Pilot Vanishing Point, Bungubox Energeia Limited Edition. Just because I said simple doesn’t mean it can’t be fancy! This limited edition Vanishing Point is just that. Also, the VP is a pen that epitomizes the “do one thing really well” philosophy. Breaking this pen out has me falling in love all over again. We will explore this more on the podcast tomorrow.
  2. Pilot Blue Black ink cartridge. My most used ink cartridge by a wide margin.
  3. Nock Co. Lined + Blank Note Cards. I don’t like lined paper, but I love these more than I ever thought I would. The portrait orientation of this card makes far more sense to me than traditional landscape-oriented note cards. The way I like to use them compliments the blank side as well. And yes, I took this card and the VP to the grocery store yesterday.
Bungubox Energeia
Nock Co Product Sketches
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