Pentel Sharp Mechanical Pencil - Metallic Blue Body Review

Pentel Sharp Drafting Pencil - Metallic Blue Body

Anyone who has been a pen and pencil fan for more than a few years has certainly seen or used a Pentel Sharp Drafting Pencil. This all-time classic has been around for decades. I remember using them in the 1980’s when I would liberate them from my dad’s office, and to this day the design hasn’t changed one bit. That is, until the introduction of the Metallic Body Series.

George from My Supply Room first alerted me to this update several months ago, and I had seen them floating around on ebay as well, so I knew JetPens would come through before too long. I picked up the Blue Metallic based on looks and tradition - my first P205 was the blue one after all. They also come in Pink and Purple, and all are 0.5 mm.

What you need to know about the Metallic Pentel Sharp is that it is metallic in color only. This is not a metal barrel pencil. While that would be nice, it does stick with the traditional plastic construction. It extraordinarily lightweight and makes for a great portable pencil.

From a performance standpoint it is exactly like the original P205. The long, sleek body is comfortable to hold, and the shape of the tip and lead pipe give you plenty of sight clearance. If you have enjoyed the Pentel Sharp in the past then you will find these updated colors to your liking.

And if you haven’t, then what are you waiting for?

Posted on June 25, 2012 and filed under Pencil Reviews, Pentel, Sharp, Mechanical Pencil.