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Pentel Pulaman JM20 Disposable Fountain Pen Review

Pentel Pulaman

Everyone I know who uses or has reviewed the Pentel Pulaman JM20 (or mainly the Pentel Tradio - same tip) either loves it, or has no use for it. So, I won't say there is a love/hate relationship with this pen because that would be unfair to a perfectly fine pen, but you either have a use for the Pulaman, or you don't.

The groups I find that have the most use for the Pulaman are artists, sketchers, and other creative types. The flexible nib allows for a wide range of line widths, similar to a brush pen but more sturdy. The ink flow is heavy, making it useful for large-motion sketching, but not really small detailed writing. I am a small, detailed writer so it isn't the best pen for me.

What I can't figure out about this pen, or its relative the Tradio, is why it is always referred to as a fountain pen? On looks alone, no one is going to mistake this for a metal nib pen, but it is odd none the less. Anyone have thoughts on this?

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