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Pentel Sliccies 2 Color Gel Ink Multi Pen + Pencil Review

Pentel Sliccies

Way back when the Pentel Sliccies were first introduced, I couldn't wait to get my hands on one. Converting one of my favorite single cartridge gel ink pens into a multi pen? Yes please! Unfortunately, my excitement was short lived, as the writing performance of the Sliccies multi pen couldn't hold a candle to that of the single cartridge variety.

So why go back to the well again with the Sliccies multi pen plus pencil combo? First of all, I'm a glutton for punishment (not to mention a certified pen addict), but more importantly I really want to like this pen so I was holding out hope that something might have changed with this latest release.

It hasn't.

There are two main issues with the Sliccies S+2 from my perspective, and they are the same as the original Sliccies. One, the ink cartridges come out at an angle. If it were very minor I could live with it, but this is annoyingly noticeable with the Sliccies. It is like the tip of each cartridge is bent it is so obvious. And two, the ink cartridge of the Sliccies writes differently than the single cartridge model. With the normal Slicci pen, the tip is very sharp and produces a crisp, clean line. With the Sliccies refills, the tip feels more rounded, leading to a line that is not as well defined.

At this point, the addition of the pencil cartridge is almost irrelevant to me because I can't use the gel ink cartridges. If and when I try to use it, all I can think about are the crooked tips and messy lines. I guess you could say this pen is in my head.

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