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Tsubame Fools Cream B5 Notebook Review

Tsubame Fools Cream B5 Notebook Review

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Have you got something fancy to write, or something boring to write that needs a little spice? Definitely check out the Tsubame notebooks. These flew under my radar for a while, and now the oversight seems scandalous. These are great notebooks.

The cover is sturdy cardstock, and the single signature is secured with sewn binding. With a bit of training, it lays open flat. The spine is protected with a lovely, rustic bit of gauze tape that adds strength and texture.

Tsubame Fools Cream B5 Notebook

Inside, there are 32 sheets of cream-colored, acid-free, 7mm lined, 83.5 gsm paper. This paper shouts "luxury" and "workhorse" at the same time--a rare but noteworthy feat. The paper is crisp with great tooth, but feels smooth. There is a subtle watermark to it that is most apparent when it is held up to the light. There are also grid dots along the bottom, to assist with any vertical alignment you might need with your text, if you're using it for notes or outlines.

Tsubame Fools Cream B5 Notebook Writing

This paper handles ink like a boss. I threw all kinds of things at it, and the only thing I could get to bleed at all was sharpie. Nothing, not even my dribbly flex nib, feathered. The back side of the page shows hardly any ghosting. It's a bit more absorbent than more heavily-coated papers, so it doesn't show quite as much sheen, but there is still some. And, due to that cushy paper, it dries more quickly, too.

Tsubame Fools Cream B5 Page

Overall, I really like this notebook. The 32 sheets leave me wanting more, though, and I wish there were other sizes. It does come in graph and plain varieties as well, which is very nice. Each notebook is $8.50, a bit steep for something I could fill in one sitting. Because of that, I won't be collecting these, but I will be enjoying the one I have.

(JetPens provided this product at no charge to The Pen Addict for review purposes.)

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Tsubame Fools Cream B5 Notebook Back Cover
Posted on January 31, 2019 and filed under Tsubame Fools, Notebook Reviews.

Tsubame Fools Cream Notebook Review

Yet another interesting paper product from Japan, Tsubame Fools Notebooks are an excellent quality mid-range notebook with a couple of interesting features to set them apart form the pack.

Tsubame has been making paper since 1947, most of it featuring their lattice-style watermark. This is not something seen or felt when writing, but is interesting nonetheless when holding the paper up to a light source. I was concerned it might be obtrusive at first - as a rule I don’t like watermarked paper - but it isn’t noticeable under normal use.

The first pens I tested on the Cream B5 5 mm Graph were fountain pens and I felt that the paper was smooth but didn’t have that glassy quality like Rhodia has. There is no tooth, per se, but there is a different feel to it. With my widest pens there was no feathering or bleed either. Zero. It barely showed through too, so those who write on both sides should have no issue.

All other pens performed well and pencil users may especially want to take note. Super smooth paper isn’t the best for graphite, so leadheads may enjoy these.

Everyone should enjoy the clean, classy design of the Tsubame Fools Cream Notebook. The navy/white combo looks great on the graph paper model, with gold/white and red/white featured on the plain and lined notebooks, respectively. I’m a big fan of the cheesecloth tape exterior binding and the thread stitched interior binding, both combining to allow the notebook to stay flat while retaining its flexibility.

At $6.50 for 32 sheets of B5 paper it’s moderatley priced. There are both less expensive and more expensive imported notebook options, but for one that can handle it all like Tsubame Fools I think the price is right.

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