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Bic Intensity Fine Permanent Marker Review

Bic Intensity

While I catch up on some of the new products I need to review I do have a few older reviews (with requisite hideous photography) I completed a while back that I want to share. This Bic Intensity review is one of those, and the pen was quite a surprise.

I generally try to pick up anything new I see when walking the aisles at Staples, and this 4-pack of Bic's made it home with me at the same time I bought the Pentel Finito! back in July. I was not a fan of the Finito!, but the Intensity is much better.

One thing that both of these pens have in common is there is very little information about either. Neither manufacturer lists them on their websites, and despite the fact that I purchased them right off the shelf at Staples there are not listed on I find that endlessly frustrating when I am trying to communicate more information than I can gather on the back of the package.

I did find a listing for the Intensity at Office Max (under the ballpoint section mind you), but there are no real details there. This is not ballpoint pen by any stretch, and in fact looks to be Bic's version of the Sharpie Pen. The Intensity is a marker-type pen with a plastic tip and features permanent on paper, waterproof ink that doesn't bleed. Sounds very Sharpie Pen-esque to me.

Fortunately for Bic, the Intensity writes a lot like the Sharpie Pen, which I very much approve of. The green ink is too light for my tastes, but the black, blue, and red are right on the mark. The barrel is nice looking and comfortable to hold, and the clip is strong as well. Overall, there aren't any standout negatives, which is a rarity coming from Bic.

Add the Intensity in with the promising Triumph line and Bic looks to be making headway on the office supply aisle.

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