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Uni Boxy 100 Ballpoint Pen Review

Uni Boxy 100 Ballpoint

The Uni Boxy 100 Ballpoint is a pen I expect fills office supply cabinets and student desks all across Japan. While it’s not quite the exquisite writing experience of it’s very successful sibling - the Jetstream - it fills the basic ballpoint needs of Uni-ball’s product lineup.

Assumedly, the Boxy gets its name from the rectangular shape of the barrel. Surprisingly enough, I find this shape to be comfortable for my grip and writing style. Not everyone will have the same experience, especially if you grip is outside of the traditional tripod realm. It is very light and the corners are rounded, so you still may be able to work with it.

Uni Boxy 100 Ballpoint Grip

The two longer sides of the rectangular barrel have grip ridges, but they don’t really come into play for me unless I want to hold the pen like I’m playing the game Operation and going in for the Funny Bone. Electrocution is super hilarious!

This is a retractable pen, but with two separate stages. You click down to engage the tip, then press the orange button on the side to retract it. Is there a practical benefit to this? I guess the tip is locked in more, but I’m not sure that is an issue people were looking for a solution to. It looks cool and is fun to play with. That’s as good as I could come up with.

Uni Boxy 100 Ballpoint Knock

I’m glad the standard tip size of this pen is 0.7 mm, which I think is the sweet spot for ballpoint pens. This one leaves a nice, clean black line. There was little to no extra ink buildup around the tip, which is a problem many basic ballpoints have. This one is a good writer, although I do wish the line was a shade of two darker. The Jetstream solves that problem.

For $1.75, I admit that it is a little expensive for an entry level ballpoint. I imagine in Japan, and before the import fees and taxes hit, that this is the equivalent of a 50 cent pen. A dollar at most. It’s a nice, useful, fun pen of good quality, but not necessarily a must have. It’s the type of pen I keep hanging around in a desk drawer for quick notes and scribbles.

(JetPens provided this product at no charge to The Pen Addict for review purposes.)

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Uni Boxy 100 Ballpoint Review
Posted on February 5, 2018 and filed under Uni, Boxy, Ballpoint, Pen Reviews.