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Ohto Super Promecha 1500P 0.7mm Review

Ohtp Super Promecha 0.7mm

The Ohto Super Promecha 1500P is one of the craziest pencils I have ever reviewed. It is so customizable I bet I played around with the different settings on it for ten minutes before even starting to write with it.

Let’s get the basics out of the way first. This is a fully aluminum barrel with a knurled grip, on board eraser, and lead grade indicator – all of which most drafting pencils in this class have. There are a couple items that separate it from the rest of the pack though.

First of all, not only is the guide pipe fully retractable, its writing length is fully customizable. Twisting the knurled grip brings the pipe from 0mm all the way out to 4mm, and anywhere in between. You can write normally with it in any position.

Secondly, there is a dial built into the barrel that controls the amount or lead extended with each push. You can get anywhere from 0.2mm to 2mm of lead with each click. I spent more time on this than any normal person should! I have never owned a pencil like this before and was pretty fascinated.

If you are a heavy drafting pencil user the Ohto Super Promecha line needs to be on your radar. Casual users may not get the full benefit of all this pencil has to offer, but if you want your pencil your way then this is the one.

Be sure to check out all of the pictures and video on the JetPens product page.

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