Pilot Bravo pen in Fortune Magazine

How I Work:  Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO

Take good notes: I always carry a Moleskine single-lined five-by-seven-inch notebook. I replace it when it gets full -- about every six months. I have a half-dozen or so now. They're on a shelf in my office in Palo Alto. I'll use any pen, but I prefer my Pilot Bravo black one. It's good for writing, sketching, and drawing. I go through the finished ones and highlight the big ideas so they don't get lost.

I caught this article a few weeks back in Fortune Magazine, where Tim Brown professed his love for his Moleskine and black Pilot Bravo pen.  The photos from the article are not online, but the magazine itself had an open shot of his Moleskine and a few notes, and the ink on the page looked great.

I had never seen or used a Pilot Bravo before, and they were surprisingly hard to find.  I ordered a few from BestPensOnline.com (quick and easy btw), but shortly after putting them to use, I realized these were not the pens for me.  For some reason I had it in my head that these were a porous tip pen, when in fact they are a standard felt tip marker, and a rather wide one at that.  The pen in and of itself is fine, but I do not really have a use for something with that wide of a line.  The tip also seemed to break down rather quickly as well, as my lines were much wider after I had only used the pen for a couple of pages of notes.  I have yet to use it in a Moleskine - really don't see it being useful to me there - but I will post a sample of it very soon.

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Posted on November 30, 2007 .