Weekend Wonderings - The Perfect Notebook

I'm headed out of town for a long weekend, but wanted to throw this out there real quick before I go:  What qualities make up the perfect notebook for you?

This is a pretty broad question, but the comments are wide open for you to post your thoughts.  Has anyone ever found the perfect notebook for them?  We all have different requirements.  For me, I like a medium size - say 8"x5" - with a firm but flexible cover, grid lines, and smooth paper for a variety of writing instruments.  I can hit most of those basic requirements, but I seem to be struggling with the paper being smooth enough.  And if I do find some paper I like, I generally don't like the notebook for other reasons.  I probably haven't experimented enough, but I have yet to have that aha! moment with one particular notebook.

So tell me, what does it for you in a notebook?

I likely will not have internet access while I am gone, so I'll be sure to respond in the comments when I get back on Tuesday.  And keep an eye out on the blog next week - it looks like I am about ready to start the giveaways.  Hopefully everyone will enjoy what is in store!

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Posted on October 10, 2008 .