Review: Ohto Orca Ceramic Rollerball

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The Ohto Orca Ceramic Rollerball has a lot going for it.  Right out of the gate, the design of the pen is just striking.  The black is a deep, onyx-like black, and up against the smooth silver it really pops.  The conical/bullet shape of the barrel is just cool, and reminiscent of its whale namesake.

But what are looks without performance?  This pen has that covered too, with one exception.  The liquid ink rollerball writes exceptionally well, but you have to use quality paper to prevent bleeding.  As a baseline, this pen is completely unuseable in a Moleskine Cahier since the bleeding is so bad.  On a better quality paper, like the Doane notepad the review was done on, the ink bleed is minimized.  If you are looking for an all day, everyday type of pen, there are better options.  But if you like a well designed pen that is perfect in the right situation, then this is $15 well spent.

Posted on October 27, 2008 .