Ink Links

-- JetPens started the full court press in the blogosphere with one of my favorites, the Uni-Ball Signo DX.  Reviews are here:

Life of the Optometry Student
Something Random
Random Thoughts
re: wolf
The Pen Hunter

-- The Pilot G-2 and productivity  (Pitching In and Catching On)

-- Cultural Fetish Objects Observed: Moleskine Notebooks  (Flavorwire)

-- Seth revs the engine on the Pilot G-2 0.38mm  (Good Pens)

-- What is in your noveling pack?  (Literary Fangirl)

-- Moleskine Knock-Off: The Markings Notebook  (Black Cover)

-- A Moleskine Volant dilemma  (Notebook Stories)

-- Review:  Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen  (Amateur Economist)

-- Review: Kunst & Papier Pocket Book - The best white paper ever???  (Spiritual Evolution of the Bean)

-- Astrid on the Slicci and more  (Random Rantings)

-- Review: Zebra Pticolon Scented Gel Ink Pens  (Amateur Economist)

-- Thanh gets on the JetPens bandwagon  (Thanh @ Vox)

-- Jessica Reviews several brush pens  (Reinvention)

-- Ultra fine point pen comparison  (Pens and Pencils)

-- And don't forget JetPens October Newsletter.  I'll have some cool stuff to review from it soon!  (JetPens)

Posted on November 1, 2008 .