Review: Uni-Ball Jetstream F*Series Multi Pen + Pencil

Click To EnlargeAs I mentioned last week in my Jetstream Basic 0.5mm review, I received this Uni-Ball Jetstream F*Series as a sample from JetPens.  Since this pen was created for a specific market, I'll let JetPens give the background:

Ever since the release of the original Uni-ball Jetstream in 2006, Uni-Ball has been gradually adding new models every year. The latest line from Japan is the F*Series, an ultra smooth model targeted at women (F stands for feminine). The pen features the lowest coefficient of friction designed as of yet, making it easier to rotate the ball tip to produce rich black lines. The pen is seen as dressy, refined and elegant, a perfect companion for your notebook or purse. Each pen also features a charm at the top of the cap that is supposed to represent the sparkling qualities of intelligence, calmness and passion. Ink also has water and light resistant qualities.

The F*Series may be targeted at women, but I would have no problem using any color barrel in this line.  But then again, I am the IT guy at work that breaks the black and grey uniform with pink gingham button downs.  I am also a pen addict (as if you didn't notice).

As far as performance goes, the black and red ballpoints and 0.5mm pencil all work great.  I've raved enough about the Jetstream line so that you know when you hear that name, you know it is going to work well (Jetstream Premier aside).  This multi pen has a twist mechanism as opposed to a click mechanism, and it works pretty well.  Sometimes I overshoot the exact spot the cap needs to be in to have the tip of the pen out properly, but a little flick back gets me in the right position.  One thing it is missing is an eraser for the pencil, but that doesn't bother me, although some may not like that.

Overall, this is a very solid and interesting line from Uni-Ball, and a little bit outside of their usual fare, so I am always aprreciative of that.

Posted on November 10, 2008 .