Review: Pentel HyperG Gel 0.7mm

Click To EnlargeThe Pentel HyperG is tagged with Pentel's Triple Safe Ink seal, which markets the pen as People Safe, Check Safe, and Earth Safe, but too bad it is not Finger Safe, as I was quick to find out.  The pens look great in the packaging, but if I had noticed the little protruding fin near the tip of the pen, I would have never bought them.

Obviously not everyone writes the same, but when I put pen to paper, I tend to rotate the pen in my fingers a bit between strokes, and I imagine I'm not alone on this one.  Well, the Pentel HyperG added an obstruction for those who write like I do, making this pen nearly unusable.  If you enlarge the photo to the left, you can see what I am referring to.  The metal fin digs right into my fingers, making for a highly annoying writing experience.  That is really too bad, because this is a nice pen otherwise.

A funny aside: Once I knew I wouldn't be using this pen very much, I told my wife to take them to work and use them.  She came home that night and asked what was up with that little metal part stickng up - that's so stupid!  So there you have it.  Pentel HyperG: stupid.

Specs from Pentel:
    * Special low viscosity gel ink
    * Super smooth writing
    * Triple Safe Ink: People Safe, Check Safe, and Earth Safe
    * Smudge resistant
    * Permanent
    * Acid-free, archival
    * 0.7mm medium line delivers bold ink colors
    * Sophisticated sleek new diamond-cut design
      with silver barrel accents
    * Comfortable latex-free grip
    * Refillable with Pentel KLR7
      gel ink refill
    * Annoying metal bit that digs into your finger

( I added that last one :)

Posted on November 14, 2008 .