Review: Swim Gel Ink 0.5mm

Click To EnlargeThis is the first of many pen reviews you are going to see from a package that Pen Addict reader Bryan sent me from Okinawa, Japan.  I can tell just by reading his emails that he is a real pen junkie, and was kind enough to pick up and send me several pens to try out.

Bryan mentioned that this Swim Gel was one of his favorites, and I can see why.  It is very comfortable to hold and to write with, and performs decently to boot.  I put it in the same category as the Pilot G-2 and Uni-Ball Signo 207.  It is a well made, solid all-around pen that just gets the job done.  I think the G-2 writes a little better, but if you have used an 0.5mm 207 before, then you have a good idea of how the Swim Gel writes.

Big thanks again to Bryan for sending me these pens.  Look for more reviews from this group in the near future.

Posted on November 21, 2008 .