Happy Turkey Day!

I will be over-eating, sleeping, then over-eating again on Thursday, and then heading out of town for a few days first thing Friday morning, so posting is going to be light over this gorge-fest of a holiday we Americans call Thanksgiving.  I may get a post or two uploaded ahead of time, but don't be surprised if there are no reviews until I return next week.  There will not be a links post this weekend either, but I have already come up with a few good ones to share to keep you occupied:

-- Pentamento is a new blog I just found with lots of great content  (Pentamento)

-- I stumbled across the brand new Paper and Pens blog too  (Paper and Pens)

-- Dave reviews the Papermate Write Bros. Mechanical Pencil, and I'm pretty sure he included a self portrait this time  (Dave's Mechanical Pencils)

-- Zebra Jimnie Gel Rollerball review  (Good Pens)

-- Teesha carries a serious amount of pens around in her journal bag  (Teesha'a Blog)

-- An excellent Pentel Slicci drawing  (Roz Wound Up)

-- My Top 10 Customized Moleskines Notebooks  (Moleskinerie)

-- Rita hearts JetPens  (SoulComfot's Corner)

-- Review:  Yellow Ciak Piccolo Journal  (Spiritual Evolution of the Bean)

-- Uni-Ball Signo 0.18mm review  (Wilson Knut's Witticisms)

--  JetPens has a great JetPics page which is used to showcase user pictures, so be sure to bookmark this page (I removed the other links since they go to this page).  Also, be sure to join their Facebook group and Flickr pool to win cool prizes with your pen pics!  Also, don't forget about the JetPens Pentastic Christmas pen drive going on to help out Pens for Kids.

Wow, that was about a weeks worth of links in just a few days.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted on November 26, 2008 .