Review: Rhodia Notepad

I received this Rhodia Staple Bound Notepad as a sample from Exaclair, Inc., and it is completely perfect for me.  With my love of micro tip pens, which I classify as under 0.5mm in width, I sometimes have a hard time finding paper that is receptive to such a fine point.  With this Rhodia, that is not problem at all.  All of my micro-tip pens get right to work as soon as they hit the paper.  On the flip side, the 0.5mm and wider tip pens work fine as well, but I noticed that they take a split second longer to dry than usual.  That won't affect me with this smaller size notepad (4.3 x 6.7 in.), but I may have to watch that if and when (and there will definitely be a when) I go to larger sized Rhodia products.

In the end, this is a very functional and useful notepad for me personally.  The styling of Rhodia products is great, and the paper is a pleasure to write on.  I look forward to trying out several more of their products.

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Rhodia Staple Bound Notebook Specs:

# 80 g acid-free white vellum paper
# Pale violet lines
# 80 sheets
# Micro perforated for clear and easy removal
# Unique scored cover folds neatly over the back
# Stiff back cover makes writing or sketching easy

Posted on December 11, 2008 .