Ink Links

-- Ana got more goodies from JetPens.  Check them out here, here, and here  (Snowangels)

-- More JetPens from Lost in Scotland also  (Lost in Scotland @ Flickr)

-- The Tokyo Pen Scene  (Who Needs Friends...)

-- A massive notebook evaluation from Rands In Repose  (Rands In Repose)

-- Ciak notebook review from Nick at Black Cover  (Black Cover)

-- Norm gets in on the JetPens fun  (Sketch Marx)

-- Way cool robot sketch from Maura.  That white pen looks great.  (fragmetned)

-- The Writers Bag on keeping a journal  (The Writers Bag via Moleskinerie)

-- Writing Sample of Pilot Iroshizuku ink (Asa-gao) on Moleskine  (animalsoup @ Flickr)

-- Came across some great new blogs from links and referrals - check them out:

     Big Gay Dragon

     Write Now Is Good

     The Ugly Green Chair

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Posted on June 14, 2008 .