Ink Links

-- The Cartesio: A Notebook From Florence  (Black Cover)

-- Field Notes Public Service Announcement No.01  (Field Notes Blog)

-- My kingdom for a pen  (Writer In Progress)

-- Ink Review: Private Reserve Arabian Rose  (biffybeans @ Flickr)

-- Wicked cool recycled notebooks from  (Housework Rules)

-- GFKP stands for Good Friggin Killer Pen  (Who Needs Friends)

-- Kyubikitsy reveiws the Akashiya SAI Watercolor Pens  (Nemu Nemu)

-- Review:  Rhodia Large Webnotebook  (Amateur Economist)

-- Frequent readers and commenters Speedmaster and Murderface blog at Amateur Economist and Reciprocal Crap Exchange, respectively.  They are big pen/pencil/stationary fans and often post about their recent finds and purchases.

-- I also found in my referral logs, and really like the look and style of the site.

-- And finally, for you Pilot G-2 fans, I noticed this week that Target has started to carry the 0.38mm model in black.  YMMV.

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Posted on July 12, 2008 .