You know you are a Pen Addict if.....

1.  You have a pen cup on your desk, but it only contains crap pens that you don't care if they get stolen by your co-workers.

2.  You keep your good pens stashed away in a safe spot, away from grabby hands.

3.  You check the office supplies section of every store you are in for new pens.

4.  If they have new pens, you buy them.

5.  You start writing but you don't like how the pen is performing, you switch pens and recopy what you already had written with the new pen.  Sometimes, this is a several pen event.

6.  You carry more than 2 - ok 20 - pens in your backpack/purse.

7.  You write a blog about pens.

8.  You read a blog about pens.

Those are the ones I could come up with off the top of my head.  What else makes you know that you are a Pen Addict?  Leave some comments and I'll update this post with some of the best ones.

Update:  There are some great ones in the comments section - thanks everyone!  Here are some samples:

From ellie:

You can't understand how people can write with 1.0+mm pens.

From teabird:

Before you write a letter, you spend more time deciding which pen to use than you spend writing the letter.

From moon'slark:

You keep a moleskine JUST for your pen addiction.

From alwayswrite:

The whole Staples or Office Max staff knows your name.

You don't consider BIC stick pen a real pen.

From Kataish:

You have a favourite pen but don't tell the runners up for fear of hurting their feelings.

From nicolelynn:

You hold pen try-outs to determine which one to use for any given written item.

From Matt:

You build this thing from scratch to display pens on your office wall.

From cool:

When you keep checking jetpens everyday for any new pens that are in stock.


Posted on July 28, 2008 .