Erasable Pen Olympics

The real Olympics are taking place in Beijing, China, but I bet you didn't know that the Pen Olympics are taking place right here at The Pen Addict!  I have been wanting to do a side-by-side comparison of all of my erasable pens for a while now, so I figured lets give them the Olympic treatment by awarding medals to the best performers.

Gold - Pilot E-Gel 0.7mm

The Pilot E-Gel has the best ink color, the best writing performance, and the best erasability, so I guess you could say it won the all-around competition.  The eraser is located in the right sopt, unlike the FriXions, which goes a long way in my book.  This pen writes the most like a regular pen.

Silver - Pilot FriXion 0.7mm

I prefer the black ink of the 0.7mm over the blue ink of the 0.5mm, so thus it garners the silver medal.  The shade of black is still a little off, and I'm no fan of the FriXion eraser.  It smudges the paper too much compared to the traditional eraser models.

Bronze - Pilot FriXion 0.5mm

This ink color is way too pale for my liking.  I like the finer 0.5mm tip, but the performance (and location) of the eraser just doesn't cut it.

India - Uni-Ball Signo Erasable 0.5mm

The ink color is great, and the eraser does a good job, but the writing experience is so bad I can hardly use this pen.  The line skips and it is very scratchy.  Hopefully you will win a medal one of these decades Uni-Ball!

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Posted on August 20, 2008 .