Review: Platinum A-Pen Gel

Platinum A-Pen GelOne of the last of the batch of pens from Pen Addict friend Bryan in Okinawa, the Platinum A-Pen Gel is an average pen at best.  I had a very difficult time in finding any ink consistency as I was writing.  The line would go from wide to thin and back again, sometimes in the same sentence.  I could rotate the pen, but that didn't help much either.  The tip also seemed to hold a few little ink globs from time to time, which I don't usually seen in gel pens.  It was just rough writing all around.

It's too bad the writing experience left much to be desired, because the barrel is very nice.  If I picked up this pen with my eyes closed, I would think it is a Pilot G-2, which is a pen I find to be very comfortable.  In fact, the Platinum barrel is very close to being a straight knock-off of the G-2 barrel based on looks and feel.  But that isn't enough to keep this pen in the rotation - it is way too inconsistent for my liking.

Posted on January 22, 2009 .