Review: Maruman Mnemosyne Today's Act Note Pad

Maruman Mnemosyne

The idea of keeping a running to-do list is something I am always playing around with, but I am never satisfied with the format I come up with.  As digital of a life as I lead, online list sites like Remember The Milk haven't really grabbed me, and as easy as it is to keep a list in a standard pocket notbook, I just haven't done it.  Could the Maruman Mnemosyne Today's Act Note Pad be the answer I am looking for?

The best part about this notebook is that it is set up to do one task and one task only - keep lists.  It isn't a journal, it isn't a planner, and it isn't a sketchbook.  The page layout is designed specifically for your listmaking needs.  The top of the page has a section for a title or header, plus room for the date to the right of the page.  Below that, there are two small columns to the left to use for numbering or marking off, and the main lined writing section takes up the remaining width of the page.  It is a minimal layout and something that could easily be duplicated on your own, but I tend to take the presets for a lot of things, and this layout is just right for me.

I used my latest Zebra Sharbo X with Royal Blue and Carmine Red 0.4mm gel ink refills to put together a short list for some of the items I wanted to remember for a trip I took last week.  The A6 size suits me well, but if that isn't enough space for you, JetPens also carries a long version.  The sheets are perforated, which I like when I'm grabbing my list for a few errands and heading out the door, but the firm plastic cover makes this pad portable and packable.

Adding another item to go along with your already bulging planner or journal may not be necessary for some, but the Maruman Mnemosyne Today's Act Note Pad fills a need in my daily routine.

Maruman Mnemosyne

Posted on October 12, 2009 .