Ink Links

-- My Trip to NYC: Exaclair, Art Brown, Mr. Nagahara Pen Tweaks & the new Sailor Realo  (Spiritual Evolution of the Bean)

-- Pen Obsession  (What Makes Me Happy)

-- Two erasers from Korea  (Pencil Talk)

-- Do Students in France Really Use French Rule Paper?  (Writer's Bloc Blog)

-- Pilot Hi-Tec-C  (The Crafts Dept.)

-- Goodbye Fine Pens and Papers: Hello Information Age  (IT Thought of the Day)

-- The Doane Paper Utility Notebook - Traffic Light Series  (Doane Paper Feed)

-- Review: Leonardo Pocket Journal  (Notebook Stories)

-- Comparing Colors: Field Notes  (Pocket Blonde)

-- Papermate Pacer Mini Mechanical Pencil  (Dave's Mechanical Pencils)

-- Oxford Stapled Notebook from France  (Trains, pens, and planners)

-- Tradio Nature and Soft  (Scription)

-- A new friend for my Space Pen  (Miscellany & Cacophony)

-- User Review: Bill from the FPN compares the Webbie to several similar journals  (Rhodia Drive)

-- UGLee Pen Super Comfortable Ergonomic Pen  (Office Supply Geek)

-- Review: Quick Look at Rhodia’s New Weekly Planner  (Journaling Arts)

Posted on October 3, 2009 .