Review: Muji Gel Ink Pen 0.38mm Blue

Muji Gel

Muji Gel ink pens are a minimalists dream.  The clean, unmarked barrel is fantastic looking, and the performance of the pen is very impressive for what amounts to an inexpensive ($1.25 a pop) pen.  The only trouble is - and I have mentioned it a couple of times before - they are only available at Muji (in person or now online), or via eBay.  Being the good Netizens that we are, ordering online is no big deal, but I imagine many of you would like to get the pen in your hands prior to making a purchase.  At this price, I don't think you would be disappointed in trying a few of these out.

My favorite thing about the Muji Gel ink pen is how sharp the point is.  That makes for a really crisp line, and the ink flow is great enough that it is not scratchy at all.  I really love this pen, and one day I am going to make it a point to order the remaining colors available.

Click here for the XL review.

Posted on November 9, 2009 .