Review: Pentel Hybrid Gel 0.7mm

Pentel Hybrid GelThere is a huge group of pens that fall into the "similar to the Pilot G-2" category, and the Pentel Hybrid Gel is one of them.  It looks like the G-2 and feels like the G-2, but there is just something about the performance of the pen that makes it fall short of the category leading G-2.

The barrel design of the two pens is very similar, with only the grip and translucent plastic clip (instead of solid) being the immediately noticeable differences.  The Hybrid is comfortable enough to write with, but the line sharpness and cleanliness doesn't stack up as well against it's peers.  There is also a bit of a rattle in the tip when writing - one of my major pet peeves.  This pen is good, but it doesn't differentiate itself from the crowd enough to warrant consideration for everyday use.

Click here for the XL review.

Posted on December 23, 2009 .