Review: Stabilo Colorgel 0.4mm

Stabilo ColorgelThe Stabilo Colorgel had two things going against it before I even started writing with it.  One, no Stabilo product I have reviewed thus far has been worth the melt down value of the plastic barrel, and two, the look of this pen reminded me of the Pentel Sunburst, which I am not a fan of.  So I am not exactly thrilled going in to this review, but objectivity is key, and as it turns out, the Colorgel isn't that bad.

While the other Stabilo products I have used had an inconsistent ink flow, the Colorgel does a nice job transferring the ink to the page.  It is much smoother and much cleaner than its stablemates.  The barrel is really long - especially with the cap posted - so that may be a turn off to some, but is ok by me.  My only other minor quibble with this pen is the presence of two plastic mounds on the grip.  I'm guessing they help keep the pen cap on, but can sometimes get in the way when writing.  Pen companies need to learn to keep any protrusions off of the grip area.

The Stabilo Colorgel falls a bit short of being a pen I would use everyday, but I wouldn't turn one away either.

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Posted on December 30, 2009 .