Review: Lamy Safari Charcoal/Black EF Nib

Lamy SafariAfter finally taking the plunge on a decent fountain pen with my lime green Lamy Safari, I decided it needed a friend to play with, so I brought home this charcoal body/black clip Safari with an extra fine nib.  The lime green Safari had a fine nib and blue ink, so I also bought some black ink refills for something different.  I know - I'm just crazy that way.  ;)

The first thing I noticed about this model was the matte finish as opposed to the smooth finish of my other Lamy.  It also felt just a fraction lighter.  But the extra fine nib is what this fountain pen is all about, and honestly, it isn't that much different than the fine nib.  If I was doing a blind test, I would hardly be able to tell them apart, other than the fact that the fine nib writes smoother.  For sketching or drawing, I could probably notice a finer line, but since these pens will be used mostly for writing, I prefer the fine nib in my lime green Safari.

Now that I have my nib situation settled, I am going to have to get a converter and some interesting ink.  What color should I start with?

Posted on February 2, 2009 .