Ink Links

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-- Review: Pilot FriXion Point 0.4mm- Blue Black Gel Pen  (Mind Most Peculiar)

-- Uni-Ball Japan working on a Coleto competitor called the Style Fit?  I'm in!  (Scription)

-- Fountain pen tests on Field Notes  (Field Notes Blog)

-- Exacompta “Basics” Sketch Book  (An Inkophile's Blog)

-- Multi Pen Hell  (Good Pens)

-- Sheaffer Lifetime  (Unposted)

-- Review: Exacompta Livres d’Or “Basics” Journals  (Spiritual Evolution of the Bean)

-- Staedtler’s oldest brands - the Atlas and Minerva pencils  (Pencil Talk)

-- The Scribble Project  (Doodlers Anonymous)

-- Doane & Rhodia Paper Review  (Prosaic Paradise)

Posted on February 21, 2009 .