Review: Zebra Sarasa Moi

Zebra Sarasa MoiIn my latest package of pens from Japan, the Zebra Sarasa Moi was the one that people commented the most about, so it was an easy choice to make it the first reviewed.  The most striking part of this pen is - obviously - the barrel.  It is a bright lime green plastic with a large rubber grip area.  The grip is outstanding, providing the right amount of give without being overly squishy.  It came with an 0.5mm black gel ink cartridge, and while is performs well, it is just slightly more scratchy than the ink cartridges I use in my other Sarasa pens.  Fortunately, it is the same model cartridge (Zebra JF), so I can play around with it a bit and find the right ink I want in this killer barrel. 

The only real downside I see is that these pens are not readily available to us in the states.  It's good to have friends in Japan!

Posted on March 12, 2009 .