Review: Pilot FriXion 0.7mm Purplish Red

Pilot FriXionI have really done a 180 on the entire Pilot FriXion line with this new Color-Pencil-Like model, going from "No Thanks" directly to "More Please!".  And Purplish Red?  How can you pass up Purplish Red?  This pen just glides across the page without so much as a hiccup, and the eraser gets the job done admirably when called upon.  The color is interesting as well.  I don't normally fall for red pens, but the purple adds a nice twist and I find myself reaching for this pen frequently.  With 24 colors available, maybe there is a cool color out there for you too.

This video for "Patty Lee" from Les Savy Fav is all kinds of awesome.  It's a great tune, and always tops the playlist when my daughter and I break out with a dance party.  Plus, maybe I can learn some moves from the girl in the video.  Turn this one WAY up and get your groove on.

Click Here for the XL review.

Posted on April 10, 2009 .