Sunday Mailbag - Airplane Safe Pens?

Pen Addict reader Mark sent me the following email concerning pens that are airplane safe:

I've been victim to non airplane-safe pens more times than I'd like to count (damn you, otherwise awesome Pilot Precise V5!). I see that some pens are now listed as "Airplane Safe", which is awesome, but I don't travel quite enough to make "airplane safe" a principal criteria when buying a pen. I'd rather dip into my current stash and pick out one likely to survive the trip to Vegas without covering my Sudoku solving fingers in a lovely but permanent shade of blue. Do you have any general guidelines as to which pens work well in planes, or which types (for instance, finer point pens, gel vs. liquid, etc.)?

Since I only fly about once every five years or so, I thought I would turn to the readers who travel more frequently than I to help Mark out.  What are your favorite airplane safe pens?

Posted on April 19, 2009 .